About Us
Banner Machine and Engineering (BME) specializes in Engineering, Machining and Fabrication for
a wide spectrum of industries and applications. Since
1982, clients both big and small have come
to us to design, fabricate and machine custom parts and equipment. With over 80 years of
engineering and machining experience, our experts are more than qualified to help with project
challenges and find mechanical design solutions.    
BME is the trusted reliable resource (when quality production, timeliness and
value are top priorities) for an impressive list of clients such as:

                      Applied Aerospace          Honeywell              Boeing           Orbital Sciences

Our clients, including those that represent the Military, Aerospace, Semi-Conductor and Automotive
industries, require a high level of certification and performance.  Therefore, adherence to your
quality assurance program is not an obstacle with BME.

At BME, our ability to provide focused Engineering and Design expertise and experience to your
project, allows for:
•         Ability to anticipate and solve design problems
•         Shortened lead time and expedited product development
•         Streamlined manufacture ability
•         Improved product performance
•         Repeatable quality

BME has the experience necessary to ensure that part production meets your exact requirements
and expectations. From single component machining to fabricating complex mechanical
assemblies, we can help.

We are System (M1software) compliant to AS9100 quality system standards.  We provide Material
Certifications, and DFARS if necessary, to ensure your product is exactly what you are expecting.
Our vigorous Quality Control program and compliance guarantees that we maintain piece part
quality, which meets even the demanding aerospace industry requirements.

Our Chief Engineer has over 40 years’ experience in the Aerospace Industry.  An award winning
International Engineer recognized for Engineering Excellence, Ron Ruiz spearheaded the Project
Management team for the Design, Development, Certification and Production Implementation of
the TFE731 family of engines.  With extensive US Air Force and Military propulsion engine design,
Engineering Project Management experience and a trusted Engineering and Manufacturing track
record for the Aerospace industry, our experience shows.
Our machining experience is also impressive.  BME Production Manager has 40 years’ experience
in programming and machining critical production operations with Honeywell.  His expertise in
machining nickel alloys, titaniums, and cobalts used in making turbofan engines provides BME
unmatched machining expertise to ensure your job is done correctly.