Our Chief Engineer has over 40 years’ experience in the Aerospace Industry.  An award winning International Engineer
recognized for Engineering Excellence, Ron Ruiz was on the Project Management team for the Design, Development,
Certification and Production Implementation of the TFE731 family of engines.  With extensive US Air Force and Military
propulsion engine design, Engineering Project Management experience and a trusted Engineering and Manufacturing
track record for the Aerospace industry, our experience shows.
Our machining experience is also impressive.  Our BME Production Manager has 40 years’ experience in programming
and machining critical production operations with Honeywell.  His expertise in machining nickel alloys, titaniums, and
cobalts used in making turbofan engines provides BME unmatched machining expertise to ensure your job is done
From design, development, engineering and machining, we have the experience to make your project a success.

We've made parts for the top secret
Phantom Works project
BME made the mold for the
composite tail boom on the new
Apache attack helicopter
The targeting laser cooling mount for
the F-18 Super Hornet was made by
The Orbital GQM-163 Coyote fins,
antenna mounts, rocket motor casings
and control system components were
made by BME
Recent Projects
With more than 40 years of Propulsion and Mechanical
Engineering Experience, and decades of delivering
Quality and Accuracy, we have the Expertise &
Management to solve technical/design difficulties and
deliver precision parts of the highest quality with
outstanding customer service and competitive pricing.
Experience Matters
TFE731 - 50
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