Before DFM, the motto was "I designed it; you build it!" Design engineers worked alone or only in the
company of other design engineers in "The Engineering Department." Designs were then thrown over
the wall leaving manufacturing people with the dilemma of either objecting (but its to late to change
the design!) or struggling to launch a product that was not designed for manufacturability. Often this
delayed both the product launch and the time to ramp up to full production, which is the only
meaningful measure of time-to-market. - Dr. David M. Anderson
Engineering Consultation
Most machining and manufacturing companies can only build a part if it is accurately designed and
presented with the correct tolerances, specs, viable materials, etc… And we can too.
But, we can also provide our customers with access to engineering, design, and consulting services to
provide custom solutions to project challenges large or small.  Our experience and expertise sets us
above the rest.  
Often times, the Design Engineer team and the Manufacturing team work independently and are
faced with product designs that lack manufacturability, leading to delays and even product stalls.  Let
BME consulting help you avoid potential costly mistakes.
Recent BME Consultation Success Stories:

1)   Identified tolerance callout error that saved customer nearly $10,000.  Our engineering expertise  
recognized the unusual material/tolerance/design inconsistency during design review.  

2)   Identified process conflicts in brazing assembly and subsequent heat treat and coating
processes.  This conflict would have resulted in very costly delays, redesign, and possible product
failure.  BME Engineering expertise identified the critical error and helped get the project back on track.

Our Design For Manufacturing (DFM) approach follows these guidelines:
-Estimate the cost of manufacturing to identify cost reduction areas.
-Reduce the number and cost of components.
-Reduce the number of assembly operations by reducing the number of parts.
-Make the assembly operations easy to perform.
-Reduce the cost of supporting production.
-Consider the impact of DFM decisions.
-Employ Design Guidelines.
-Establish rules based on expert knowledge and lessons learned.
-Base guidelines on specific capabilities including equipment and human resources.
BME Consulting brings both a machining/manufacturing and engineering perspective to your project
to help identify potential pitfalls, as well as solutions for your project.  We provide engineering
expertise coupled with materials and machining experience to ask the questions that need to be
answered before proceeding.  Find out how our consulting services can save you time and money.